Ode to Bacon

Oh bacon

what makes you taste so fine

Is it the salt

Is it the brine

From the first waft of you cooking

To the greasy fingers I be licking

I could not ask for more from you

And yet there is so much you can do


You can be candied

Dipped in chocolate

Put on pizza

Mixed with broccoli

Drizzled with syrup

Whipped into butter

Tossed in gravy

Put in cookies

Crumbled over popcorn

Topping cupcakes

Wrapping hot peppers

Stuffing mushrooms

Covering cream cheese

Battered fried

Frozen ice creamed

Cotton candied

Donut holed

Marshmallow S’mored

Elvis sandwiched

Bananas Fostered

Rolled in scones


And cones

Added to soups



And salad

I believe this has gone from poem to ballad

Oh delicious salty bacon

I’d eat you here

I’d eat you there

I would not

could not

use you as underwear

copyright 2013 T.L. Jacobson


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