So… this is new

Not sure where I’m going with this. All I know is I’m a writer trapped in a procrastinator’s body. I need a place to get out these thoughts, stories, ideas that are flitting in and out of my consciousness. I figure, since I’m on the internet anyway… 2 birds, one stone.

I guess I should do some sort of introduction. Don’t know why. No one is going to read this but maybe a few of my die-hard fans i.e. my mom and my husband, and they already know me. However, it seems like I should and I, for the most part, do as I should.

I’m 40-something. Married. Grown kids- 1 starting college and 1 in college part-time (the other part of the time he’s playing video games and NOT moving out of my house!) I am a taphophile (look it up) and a lover of all things “books” which tends to make me somewhat of a pack rat. I seem to “collect” things. Books, notebooks, hats, piles of paper, old tissues, scraps, bits, bobs– in a word… stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hoarder (isn’t that what hoarders usually say?) I throw stuff out. I recycle. I donate. Somehow, seemingly without my knowing, stuff just seems to get back into the house. It gets shoved into closets and crannies. Pushed into piles on the counter and table. Until one day, I look up from my laptop or book and see I have no room to even breathe. Does stuff multiply like horny little rabbits in the Spring? Oh, wait. Is this why they call it Spring Cleaning??

Where was I? Oh yes, me. I am a foodie. I love to cook and bake. I probably realized much too late in life that I should have been a pastry chef. Now, I’m too run down with a bad back, feet that hurt almost all the time, and an aging body that needs to get healthier not learn how to make decadent things with butter and sugar. So you will, from time-to-time, see a few of my newest food creations on here. I may even write about interesting restaurants we’ve eaten at or want to visit. After all, I have owned 2 restaurants and a coffee shop/bookstore. Once that’s in your soul, it can’t be removed, not even with a rusty spoon or a colossal failure.


This is my dog, Peanut. Yea, he likes to bogart the remote. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier. They say owners and their dogs tend to look a lot alike. Not sure if that’s someone’s way of saying I’m a dog or if they’re saying I have long flowing hair. Either way, now you have an idea of what I look like.

I’ll leave you with one of my current favorite quotes from Jarod Kintz-

“I cut an inch off of every straw I see, just to make the world suck a little less.


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